Neutral Grounds Guidelines

Gang Neutral Grounds

This area has the following rules:

  1. Only Group Leaders are allowed to declare war on another group.
  2. Any member not abiding by rule number 1 will be removed from their group immediately.
  3. Any acts of war events need to be coordinated between Group Leaders at a reasonable agreed upon time frame.
  4. No group can force another group to go to war, it must be mutually agreed upon. Any over aggression will result in punishment.
  5. Group Leaders are responsible for their members. If an Admin/Mod addresses one of your group members, group leaders are responsible with dealing with that member accordingly or they will be forcefully removed if necessary.
  6. Feuding Groups may only be at war for NO LONGER than 1 week per month.
  7. Groups are not limited to only 1 war per month. However, all groups are required at least 1 week of peace with all groups per month
  8. You cannot go to war with the same group more than 2 times in one month.
  9. All groups land property rights must be respected by other groups unless at war.
  10. No groups are allowed to “acquire” land outside of their land property rights, unless sanctioned by the courts. Any hostile takeovers of public land will not be tolerated. Bank Robberies are excluded from this.
  11. At any point in time does a war get out of hand between groups and there is a need for a staff intervention, all groups involved will be placed on a 1 month war suspension as a penalty, and further recourse maybe required if necessary.
  12. Groups at war must anonymously notify police when at times of war so there is no unnecessary casualties. Groups must also notify police when the war has ended. Failure to do so will result in a War time suspension. Example call to police: Inter-gang conflict: USE EXTREME CAUTION!
  13. All wars need to have a topic started by one of the leaders, describing the cause of war and both parties need to agree in the Neutral Grounds topic. When the war has concluded it needs to be stated in the topic that it has ended to log the war time dates.

These rules are put in place to bring some stability and fairness between groups. Failure to abide by these rules will result in war time suspensions, kicks, or even bans. Do not take this lightly.

Police Command Staff have view only access to this category, so they will be able to keep track of current wars that way. But anonymously notifying on-duty police at time of war while in-game is still a must , along with when it’s concluded.


Good Examples:

  • Yakuza vs. IRA lasts 2 days. A week later, they have another war for 6 days.

Bad Examples:

  • Yakuza vs. IRA lasts 2 days. 2 days later another war between them lasting 2 days. 2 days later they state another war for 2 days. While this is less then 14 days total if they went to war in 2, 7 day campaigns, it is over the 2 wars per faction in 1 month rule.