All Day Role Play - Update v2.10.1

Release (v2.10.1) - Mid October 2020

Today the development team is releasing v.2.10.1, this release contains multiple bug fixes as well as the addition of some small features.


  • Added additional furniture items
  • Added New Garage System (WIP, this will be replacing the old garage system by next update)
  • Added Visible Vehicle spawn damage under certain thresholds.
  • Added Working (movable) Elevator to Life Invader.
  • Added ability to lock gates/garage doors.
  • Added Rideable Rollercoaster at Del Perro. (Do not ride ferris wheel, it’s currently broken.)
  • Certain medical items can now be used on other players using the “Nearest Player” option.
  • Added Drone Shop.
  • Added Dart Mini Game at Yellow Jack
  • Added Youtube player for certain tv models.
  • Fixed Grove Street House Texture and Collision issue.
  • Fixed MC Club House Collision issue.
  • Cleaned up a few houses in Mirror Park.
  • Added Pacific Bluffs Apartment
  • Added Gentry Manor Manager Apartment.
  • Added Roof Top Pool Bar.
  • Added Blaine County Sheriffs Office (Chumash Station).
  • Added Mount Zonah Hospital.
  • Added Vinewood Villa.
  • Added Indoor Pool by Car Wash.
  • Added “Black House”
  • Added “Black Mansion”
  • Added Life Invader Interior.
  • Added another Pizza shop location.
  • Replaced Luxury Auto Shop with a new interior.
  • Optimized ADRP Radio to be much more lightweight
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Drive-In permission issues at Del Perro Pier.
Misc. Changes
  • Modified vehicle damage modifiers.
  • Initial seatbelt color is now red
  • /me system has been refactored to just be better overall.
  • Added chat suggestions for /cmode and /ssmode.
  • CI/CD development workflow has been introduced.
  • Transitioned to using the public release of T-Notify created by @TasoAGC

That’s It!

As always, If you come across any bugs please follow and submit the bug report template found here.

~ The All Day Role Play Development Team