Bug Report Template

Creating a Bug Report

Before creating a bug report make sure that you have the following information handy:

  • Server ID - This is your characters unique identifier, it can be found in the K menu under Identity - (Required)

  • A reproduction (or repro), a list of steps that led to your issue or that can easily be reproduced to lead to your issue again. - (Required)

  • Screenshots, this is optional but highly recommended as it makes the process of figuring out what exactly you are talking about 200x easier. - (Optional)

  • If you wish to report game crashes that you believe are unique to our server, please make sure you click “Save”, when FiveM prompts you. You will need to provide this to us for us to accurately track down your issue. - (ONLY FOR GAME CRASHES)

If you have all of this information, fill out the Bug Report as shown in the example template below.

Server ID: 44350

Date Bug Encountered: 8/30/2020

Game Crash: Yes

If This Is a Game Crash, Link to your Crash Files: https://tasoagc.dev/u/CfxCrashDump

Short Description of Bug: Locked in a death loop when spawning in at legion square

Reproduction and Explanation of Bug: Whenever I was spawning in at legion square, my character kept dying, even if my health was 100. Every time I would log and relog it would do this. My health before the first time this happened was 100 percent. The only reason I was able to get out of this death loop was that an admin Tp’ed me.

Place screenshots here if you have any