EMS Call Action

Server ID: 63406

Date Bug Encountered: 10/03/2020

Game Crash: No

If This Is a Game Crash, Link to your Crash Files: N/A

Short Description of Bug: When in vehicle if an EMS call comes in you have to exit vehicle to accept. Then you can get back in to go to call. Also the F5 key for accept is also bound to the Police scanner. So hitting causes that to pop up.

Reproduction and Explanation of Bug : Get in Ambulance or other vehicle. Wait for emergency call. You will see on the bottom right of screen F5 to Accept F6 to Decline. Hitting F5 doesn’t nothing. If you get out of vehicle and Hit F5 it accepts. I assume the same for F6 as I didnt need ot decline.

Screenshots :
None at this time. Needed more people on to test.