Housing Issues

Server ID: 63406

Date Bug Encountered: 9/11/2020

Game Crash: No

If This Is a Game Crash, Link to your Crash Files: https://tasoagc.dev/u/CfxCrashDump

Short Description of Bug: Housing Issues

Only the front door on a house is locked when locking. Anyone can walk in and out of back and side doors.

When at front door of most houses Hitting “E” to unlock the door also opens the “Buy / Sell” Menu

Reproduction and Explanation of Bug : None needed

Screenshots :

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Server is:56484
Grove st house 5 doesn’t lock at all, cannot place anything in bathroom either

Making this ticket for a friend because he couldn’t get the site to load.
Server ID:63940
House is red like he owns it but doesn’t have the key and cannot sell it.House is 6 Nikola PL