⚖️ Lawyers/Judges Wanted! ⚖️

Love to argue?

Think you’re always right and can prove it?

Do you have questionable morals?

Then apply today to become a legal representative for the city of Los Santos.

Post below your resume.

Name: Harold Lettermaine
Age: 28
ID: 53776
Phone: 773-5138
Current occupation: Bank driver
Previous occupation: LEO in ADRP

My family and I have spent quite some time learning the ins and outs of this great city. Doing everything in our power to keep the streets safe for every citizen. I had moved to another city to attempt to start a new life after I left the force. That did me no good. The concern for everyone’s safety grew far more than I was ever to imagine. That is why I have come back. After serving my time as a city officer, a swat member, a sniper, and a pilot, the city has beckoned for my return. Now that I have grown a little older, I feel my knowledge of laws and unbiased equality can be of greater use in the courtroom.

Unfortunately, I have no contacts in the city after cutting ties when I left. I would hope my time served in the force would be enough to at least be considered for the position once I get myself a little more settled.


Name: Tobias Reacher
Age: 45
ID: ?
Phone: ?
Current occupation: Bank driver
Previous occupation: LEO in ADRP

Been in the city before as EMS, but have been in the game for years.

As I play mainly during the day and some nights would be a good fit for daytime court proceedings or other activities.

At my age listening is key, and letting people state their points to prove what they need comes easy.