📻 The ADRP Radio System 📻

Hello to the ADRP Community

With the upcoming update, there is going to be a change of our radio system from our old one to one recently created from scratch by myself. There will be some slight changes to how the radio is accessed and used so read through this short guide to get an idea on how to use it.


When opening the radar for the first time after joining you will be presented with this view. Click the power button located at the top center to turn the radio on and off. There is a volume knob located to the top left of the screen that has controls to lower/increase the volume. This controls both the volume of the radio clicks as well as the volume of anyone on the radio.

Opening the Radio

First, make sure you have the radio item in your inventory. You can buy this item from a shop. Once you have the radio item. You can access the radio using the methods below:



Key Bind

Shift + F2
Connecting to a Channel

After turning the radio on you will see a screen close to this one, with the only difference being the number in the center. At this point your radio is on, but it is not connected to a specific channel, this is reflected by the flashing “On”. Whenever you see “On” flashing, keep in mind that this means your radio is turned on but that you are not connected to a channel.

To connect to a channel simply click on the middle of the radio screen (where the number is located) and type in the channel number you want to connect to. Then click the Enter key after you are done typing your channel number.

At this point, if you are able to connect to the channel number specified you will hear a sound, and your status will change from the flashing “On” to “Connected”. Once you see “Connected” you have successfully connected to the radio channel specified. You can now close the radio with Escape and broadcast on the channel using Caps Lock.

You can also determine if you are connected to a channel by the text in the bottom right of your HUD listing your channel frequency.

Failing to Connect to a Channel

If you enter a number and press Enter but your status does not change from “On” to “Connected” then you do not have the correct permissions to access this channel. Try to connect to a higher channel number and you will likely see your status change if you are allowed to access it.

Volume Control

Changing the volume for your radio is simple with this new system. Simply click on the left side of the volume knob to decrease your volume and click the right side of the volume knob to increase your volume. This changes both the volume of the clicks as well as the volume of any players on your radio channel.

Final Note:

Keep in mind that this is a new system that may experience bugs or issues as the player base starts to use it. If you believe you have encountered a bug or a problem feel free to contact me with a description of what you experienced and a list of steps that can be used to recreate it reliably so that we may solve the problem in further updates